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Our story


For a Life of Freedom

Back in 2015, a small group of passionate comfort loving individuals was inspired to create something unique that no one else has yet made or even thought of. Something vibrant and fresh but still classic. The idea came to design form-fitting and relaxed clothes for movement, adventure, and everyday life. Whether you are lounging around the house, taking a walk around town, exercising or enjoying active weekends. In other words, pieces that stand for a way of doing things differently, pieces that put practicality and functionality together. Therefore, the enthusiasts dedicated all their energy to the calling path. They did not eat, they did not sleep, they did not rest until they were satisfied. Well, these people are us, and we are believers.

While that concept may have once just been a dream, in today’s world it becomes a reality. From the beginning, we have believed in the power of comfort – that is what makes us different from others. There is no one on earth who does not love the idea of feeling completely comfortable all day long while simultaneously looking good. This thought gave birth to menique. Since the first apparel was created back in 2016, all the garments have been made for a person who is free inside and out. Our brand was a direct response to a gap in the market, which lacked well-made athletic garments for everyday use. Most importantly, menique listens to what you need and gives what you are looking for. On top of that, our focus has always been to empower you to enjoy the benefits of living.

Effortlessly sophisticated and smart, warm and made to last, menique successfully fuses technology with style. Instead of selling fashion, we put all of our time on improving functional products that stay in your daily rotations for seasons after seasons, simply because it is everybody's favorite clothing piece. Our vision is motivated by the desire to make every customer feel powerful in garments that never go out of comfort. In addition, we strive to provide high-quality organic essentials inspired by wellbeing. That is the pounding heart of menique.

This was the start of an amazing trip – and it still is. Now, we are inviting you to enjoy and witness our journey together.


Designed with Comfort in Mind

Today, the current age has made people rush from one place to another, they travel more and have increasingly flexible work lives. As a result, it is extremely essential for the overall health of the body in the long run to wear garments that could adapt to the moment and go anywhere with you. Our apparels are creatively designed to flow seamlessly between activities without sacrificing quality or comfort. Being serious about the everyday routine, we want to enable you to enjoy the benefits of living without having to compromise how you look or feel.

At menique, we understand the importance of slowing down. Generally, when people come home after a hard day at work, they prefer to sit back and take a break in comfortable loungewear. We believe a happy healthy fulfilled life is about the balance between work and rest. Countless studies found that relaxing clothes can be a spectacular tool to help relieve stress, boost productivity and make you feel more confident. For this reason, at the core of our clothing piece exists a philosophy of simplicity and longevity in style. With a dedication to perfection, we create garments, that people continually grab from their closet, because these particular pieces make them feel most comfortable. Offering the best in everyday basics, menique is a solution, more than just a brand.

With the fact that life and sports have a lot of similarities, menique promises to equip you with calmness and confidence by providing versatile activewear for every season. The line of performance-driven products is designed from high-tech fabrics that blend maximum fit. Whether you are skiing, hiking, fishing, camping or running, the right essentials ensure freedom of movement and keep you warm at the same time. Comfort in the outdoors starts with the right layer that touches your skin, so we put heavy demands on strength and mobility. menique clothes are as authentic as possible, thus our selection of sportswear is made to be worn by everyone whatever age of athlete you are.


Lifestyle clothes must be durable, comfortable and made with the top-quality fabrics. Especially when wearing those garments for many hours a day. However, creating menique clothing alone is not enough. We seek to do the right thing and want to feel good about everything we create. In an effort to be as eco-conscious as possible, we grew to appreciate living sustainably, in harmony with our surroundings. Therefore, it only made sense to use a material that fits this approach. After a long research about the needs of loungewear clothes and the fabrics for that purpose, we have found two fibers on the planet that suited our taste – Merino wool and Linen.

Importance of Pure Merino Touch

Merino wool is an organically grown fiber obtained from Merino sheep held using methods that have no influence on the environment. Unlike synthetic materials that are supremely slow to decompose, wool biodegrades naturally in a relatively short period in soil, offering less impactful solutions. Sourced directly from a family farm in New Zeeland, all our Merino wool comes from nature meaning that it is a 100 % recyclable and renewable resource. Every year each sheep grows a new fleece which is removed without harm to the animal. Above all, the supplier of our Merino wool is an innovator of sustainability solutions who developed a strategy to ensure that any dangerous effects are avoided – including water and soil quality, waste management, and etc. Accordingly, we believe that our customers can be both socially and environmentally conscious about their clothing without losing great pleasure. 

Comfort, quality, and wearability are paramount. We knew the importance of the material and worked hard to select the right textile. For this reason, the entire menique collection is made by hand from 100% premium organic Merino wool that feels soft and lightweight. The world’s finest wool is flexible, bends softly against the skin and does not itch at all. Merino is a more refined and versatile type of wool with an extensive array of unbeatable qualities that no other material can compete with.

Over the years, research has identified the various unique benefits of Merino wool that make it an ideal choice for clothing. Famous for its amazing property of keeping you warm in cold and cool in warm, Merino is a natural insulator helping body temperatures to stay at a comfortable level. While synthetic clothes have to be washed regularly, wool can easily be freshened up through airing out as it does not retain odors. Therefore, you do not have to worry about shrinkage. What really sets merino apart is its moisture control, it can absorb up to 35% of its own weight in moisture and still maintain to insulate, keeping you dry and cozy. For the same property, the fabric breathes and does not make you sweat. The many natural advantages of merino wool – its moisture-wicking, insulating, temperature-regulating, stain-resistant, breathable and elastic qualities – provide utmost comfort and protection.

menique is dedicated to creating unique and revolutionary pieces for the most important moments in customers’ lives. We create quality products that feel great and fit exceptionally well, therefore, our ambitious team uses a flatlock technology to achieve maximum comfort and performance. All the pieces with flatlock construction create a smoother surface to reduce irritation and can be worn next to the skin. One more relevant quality of menique wear is durability. The strength of Merino wool is unmatched. In fact, it is 8 times stronger than cotton. Not only Merino retains its outstanding function after long use, but does not lose any of its natural properties. Remember this: quality clothes last longer.

Plant Based Alternative

At menique, we are working towards a vision of the new normal – where sustainability is just another word for normal. Therefore, in 2020, we were thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new 100% Linen collection of natural relaxed fit clothes, including flowy dresses, dreamy jumpsuits, windy blouses, and cozy bottoms. The capsule is a combination of minimalist shapes  and contemporary styles rendered in earthy tones. As soft on the earth as it is on your skin.

Linen is a sustainable textile carefully made from the fibers of the flax plant. Featuring antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, Linen does not cause skin irritation, redness, or itching. It safely can be worn by children, pregnant women, or elderly people. Moreover, Linen perfectly neutralizes the smell of sweat, reduces the risk of fungal diseases, and contributes to the improvement of skin condition. While also known as a durable material, it ensures free circulation  and is anti-static.

Made from 200gsm Linen fabric, our Linen apparels feature thermoregulating and moisture-wicking properties to remove the perspiration from the skin and allow air to flow between the fibers. This protects you from overheating and magically keeps you cool even in the hot weather. But most importantly, our organic 100% Linen has OEKO-TEX certification which means it is perfect for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

100% Made in Lithuania

Our collection is manufactured in the heart of Europe, in Lithuania. But most especially, each piece is made with integrity from the premium textiles, and created by skilled craftsmen throughout the country. You can be certain that our apparel is ethically crafted in a safe environment by well-compensated individuals who have acquired technical expertise throughout many years in the field of clothes manufacturing. No machine can be smart enough to replace human designers. Therefore, a team of experienced professionals cut, sew, wash, dye and iron menique pieces. For every product we develop, we ask how it will be unique, inspire people to feel free and help them express their individuality with confidence.

All the products boast supreme excellence because we have unique demands on our apparel. From our hands to your doorstep, each piece of the item has gone through a number of quality control tests for strength and softness. These checks are done both mechanically and manually. For example, the yarn is stretched until it breaks, to determine how much weight it can carry. When the strongest yarn is approved as appropriate, it will be knitted. The line of garments is certified according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®. Above all, our design team places attention on being deeply involved in every step of the process in order to craft the best fit. We have been through a lot to be at this stage, hard work and determination helped us build this business.

We create timeless collections for the modern men, women and children through precise silhouettes and organic fabrics carefully chosen with respect to skin comfort. Our mission is to help every person to find a clothing style that best flatters their individual body shape. At menique, you will discover thoughtfully-designed versatile wardrobe essentials inspired by the world around us. The warm base layer bottom that hugs you in the right places. The long sleeve top that makes you feel completely carefree. The soft Linen jumpsuit that keeps you cool and lets the skin breathe all year. There is really something for everyone. All the pieces are made in limited quantities to ensure the highest production standard and the value behind it. We are passionate about what we sell.