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Remember that feeling, when your forehead is so scratchy because of a hat? Kids hate it too, that is one of the reasons why they do not like any kind of hats. Good thing you are here because with our knitted Merino wool beanies your toddler will forget annoying scratchiness. That is because Merino wool fabric is a very soft and comfortable material, and also an itchy-free fabric. Besides, menique beanies for kids are made with a 30% cashmere gives additional softness. Worth to mention that Merino wool is a breathable and long-lasting material, which protects from cold weather, and extreme frost bites. Lastly, will absorb the moisture and evaporate it into the air. Menique skin-friendly children’s beanies are also stylish and have cute designs with pom-poms. A snug feel gives a comfortable experience. Take a look at our babies’ beanies.